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February 2017

Duncan Press Lake Winni is by far the finest, most complete and accurate navigation chart of Lake Winnipesaukee

Why? Duncan Press is the ONLY chart where...

  • ...FISH HABITATS are placed...by the NH Fish and Game Department, updated 2015. There is NO fishing information on the competition's charts.
  • ...unlike its competitor, North is at the top of the chart.
  • ...unlike its competitor, all the official buoys are numbered ("waypointed"), a cooperative effort between the Marine Patrol and Duncan Press.
  • ...unlike its competitor, both numbered AND companion cardinal spar buoys are shown and were checked in 2014 by the Marine Patrol.
  • ...the legal NO-WAKE AREAS on the Chart are highlighted with yellow. Again, they were checked by the Marine Patrol. And again, the Duncan Press charts are the ONLY ones who do this.
  • ...water DEPTHS are colored...based on information from the NH Fish and Game Department, again, unlike its competitor.

...a fragment of the 2015 Winni chart.

How is the 4.1 Edition Duncan Press Lake Winnipesaukee Navigation Chart different from the ‘Old Green Map?’

The "Old Green Map" is a classic. Thousands of people over the years have collected them, used them, and, most of all, loved them. So why change a chart that has been so revered for forty plus years?

Duncan M. Fitchet, Sally Fichet's uncle, was an internationally-recognized professional cartographer for more than 40 years. A Massachusetts native, a graduate in Geography from Dartmouth, and an executive from Rand McNally, he co-founded and was U.S. representative and vice president of the International Cartographic Association.

As a hobby, Dunc also founded Duncan Fitchet Cartography Company in 1967. He drew, published, and marketed navigation charts of Winnipesaukee, Winnisquam, Newfound, Ossipee, and Sunapee lakes. They sold well, and Dunc did not have any competition.

Dunc died in 1992, but his son, Duncan Jr, took over the company, selling Duncan's old maps for the next five years. On January 1, 1998, Sally Fichet bought out Dunc Jr and founded Duncan Press Incorporated.


In fact, the new design takes its cue from Duncan Fitchet's Old Green Map design. A large part of the data, too, was taken from Fitchet's old data.

Beginning in 1998, Sally Fichet was responsible for Duncan's charts, and, again, they sold extremely well. But in early 2002, she decided to take the maps into the next generation. She hired Stuart Allan of Allan Cartography, a small but well-known firm in Medford, Oregon, to guide the project.

Stuart Allan retired in 2012. For the 4.2 Edition in 2016, his next-in-command, Neil Allen of Benchmart Maps, took over the chart's supervision. Together, Neil and Sally in 2016 have achieved their goal. Read on for particulars on map design.

Current Duncan Press vs. Competitor’s Charts

The following table is our (partial) analysis of current Duncan Press Winnipesaukee charts as compared feature by feature with our competitor's ninth edition, their latest (March 26, 2012). In their eighth edition, the courses became most prominent, but there are two line designs that appear to be for the same thing. In the competitor's ninth edition, the marinas were named, although not differentiated as to town, public, or private.

In all editions, the competitor's numbered buoys symbols are purposefully not shown, as in the right example illustration below, which shows a text 'FL "17" ' without the numbered buoy symbol.

Duncan Press


All buoys waypointed? YES NO
"No Wake" AREAS shown? YES NO
MP course recommendations shown clearly? YES NO
Water depths? Color coded Lines and spots
Access? Names, fees W/o names or fees
Islands? 162 108
Fish species and locations? 11 0
Stream inflow/outflow? 30 0
Marinas named? YES NO/YES*
Yacht Clubs named? YES NO/YES*
Town Docks named? YES NO/YES*
Top:North? YES NO
Shaded relief topo? YES NO
Hospitals? YES NO
Information? YES NO
Public restrooms? YES NO
Loon nests? YES NO
Public beaches? YES NO
Youth Camps? YES NO
Parks? YES NO
Nature Conservancy? YES NO

*Town Docks (public), Marinas (public) and Yacht Clubs (private) shown without distinction.

Where Do the Various Winnipesaukee Courses and Buoys Tell Me to Go?

For more important information about buoys, click here.


See the broken lines on the Chart section on your right? These are the Marine Patrol suggested COURSES.

Even if you're not sure of the direction of the buoys, follow the COURSES on your Duncan Press Chart.


Cardinal Black-top Buoys

Go around the black-top buoys to the north or east side.

Cardinal Red-top Buoys

Go around the red-top buoys to the south or west side.

Lateral Solid Black and Solid Red Buoys

Always go BETWEEN the solid black and the solid red buoys.

Info No-Wake Buoys

Pilot your boat no more than six miles an hour. This is the "no-wake" speed.

Your boat can go on either side of the buoy.

Info Danger Buoys

The yellow triangles on the Chart mark a DANGER area. This means you should AVOID THAT AREA because of a profusion of rocks just below the surface.

Info Numbered Buoys

Let the colors on the Chart decide which way to go around the Numbered Buoys:

Black-numbered for North and East

Red-numbered for South and West

Duncan Press Lake Winni is the ONLY chart with these UNIQUE features...

For a more complete list, go to Current Duncan Press vs. Competitor’s Charts

North is at the top

No-Wake AREAS are colored yellow

Inflows are specified

Depths are colored

Town docks and services are named

700+ buoys are numbered ("waypointed")

Information offices are located

Landforms are 3D

Fish habitats are placed

Loons nests are located

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